Joyk & Rubens Barn dolls

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Empathy dolls as play dolls and for use in therapy!

Rubens Barn dolls

This ist the wonderful collection of fabulous Rubens Barn empathy dolls. Each doll is designed to share and experience emotions, situations, atmosphere like inspiration, fantasy, suggestion, feeling of security, closeness, joy, sorrow and so on.
The Rubens Barn dolls instantly capture the heart of small and big doll mommies and doll daddies by their personal presence.
Made by detailed, specific manual work at 100 %. Each character has its own precious look and personality to complement its owner. But for all that each Rubens Barn doll gives its owner plenty of leeways to be filled with specific emotions, contents, requirements and situations.
The empathy dolls are also excellent in the care of dementia sufferers.
Due to their similarity to a real babys affected feel transported back in their parenting role and dedicate the "child" attention, affection and trust - the natural instinct is awakened. Aggression may decrease thereby.

Joyk dolls

In the game and in therapy the empathy dolls take over the role of a loved person. Due to their soft body and the clear structure of the face, with the "real" snub nose, they arouse affection, trust and the natural care instinct. When designing the features of the face, much emphasis was put on the eyes of the Joyk therapy dolls. A constant eye contact is of great importance. This peculiarity helps to develop a strong emotional bond which is the basis for learning social skills. It has been shown that people with deficits in their sensory development, will have less anxiety and stress when dealing with the empathy dolls. New feelings are discovered, their development is supported and the understanding for emotions is promoted.

The little fellows give comfort and support in difficult situations. As constant companions they are essential for the transition to independence. While playing with dolls experiences are processed and the children learn to deal with each other in a responsible way. Interaction between the children is encouraged.
Many adults think that boys should not play with dolls because they could develop to many feminine characteristics. However, boys just like girls need objects, such as the Joyk-dolls for practicing and learning empathy and social skills. Especially boys need confirmation from the adults when they make role plays.

These special dolls, completely made of soft and smooth fabrics, arouse intense feelings. The Joyk dolls have a soft filling and their botty is weighted down which invites to hold and carry the dolls like real babies. The fine features and the expressive eyes call for attention and care.