Rubens Cutie Activity doll Emelie by Rubens Barn


The Rubens Barn doll Emelie from the Rubens Cutie Activity collection instantly captures the heart of small and big doll mommies and doll daddies by his personal presence. Emelie wears an airy summer dress, a knitted hat and a cat bag.

Specially designed for young children, the Rubens Barn Cutie dolls are the perfect first dolls because of their low weight.

Each Rubens Barn doll has its own personality and is made by detailed, specific manual work at 100 %.

Material: Made of polyester fleece filled with polyester fibre.

Emelie is machine washable in a soft cycle of 30°C, the outfits is to be hand washed.

Typ: stuffed doll
Height approx.: 32 cm
Weight approx.: 155 g