Rubens Barn Original - doll Meiya


The elaborately designed face with his good-natured charisma makes Meiya seem very realistic. Because of its size, this doll is more true-to-life. The doll has a with granules weighted bottom, so that it can be kept in arms as a baby.

She has no sexual characteristics and is freely girl or boy.

Due to the natural proportions Meiya can also wear proper baby clothes. Therefore, it is also excellent in the care of dementia sufferers. Due to their similarity to a real babys affected feel transported back in their parenting role and dedicate the “child” attention, affection and trust - the natural instinct is awakened. Aggression may decrease thereby.

Each of the Rubens Barn Original dolls has its own personality and is made by detailed, specific manual work at 100 %.

Material: 100% polyester fleece stuffed with polyester fibre, the bottom is formly stuffed with granulate which allows the dolls to sit comfortably.

Meiya is machine washable in a soft cycle of 30°C, the outfits is to be hand washed.

Typ: stuffed doll
Height approx.: 50 cm
Weight approx.: 1000 g