Rubens Baby doll Carl by Rubens Barn


Rubens Baby, Carl, doesn´t use any words yet but has lots to say in many other ways. If you follow his lead, he´ll show you what he´s interested in (Carl is a late talker). Baby doll Carl is an emotionally intelligent friend helping with language development, play skills, and body awareness.

This soft handmade doll has been specially developed together with experts to help children learn about their bodies, emotions, and the world around them through play.

Rubens Baby Carl has light skin and blonde hair. The doll´s skin is made of 100% organic cotton certified by Organic Content Standard (OCS) and have 100% Global Recycled Standard (GRS) polyester fibre stuffing.

Play sequences, body awareness, and emotional intelligence are three fundamental building blocks in a child´s development and in preparation for school. Rubens Baby dolls and doll accessories have been developed together with experts to help prepare children socially and emotionally for school by allowing them to practice the above-mentioned skills.

Rubens Baby dolls from Rubens Barn are the only soft anatomically correct dolls in the world.

The designers of Rubens Barn have focused on the materials so that the doll will be just as friendly to the earth as to the child.

suitable for all ages

Material: 100% organic cotton, filling material made from Global Recycled Standard (GRS) polyester fibre stuffing

Carl is machine washable in a soft cycle of 30°C, the outfit is to be hand washed.

Typ: stuffed doll
Height approx.: 45 cm
Weight approx.: 600 g
Properties: with sexual characteristics