Nappy Set for Rubens Babys


Emotional intelligence, empathy, and kindness are essential and highly appreciated qualities that can be instilled in children at an early age. With the Rubens Baby Nappy Set children can practice caretaking and nurturing as well as develop routines around grooming and hygiene. Use Rubens Baby doll accessories to teach children the above-mentioned skills through pretend play.

Pretend play is essential to help children develop creativity, grow their imagination, strengthen problem-solving skills, and understand events more logically. Rubens Baby dolls, doll clothes, and supporting doll accessories have been developed to inspire educators, professionals, and parents to teach children sequencing, body awareness and emotional intelligence through role-playing.

The designers at Rubens Barn are dedicated to helping children become confident and compassionate individuals. This is why each Rubens Barn product has been developed to help increase creativity and empathy as well as self-awareness through play.

Washing instructions: Handwash only

The changing clothes are suitable for all Rubens Barn dolls from the Baby series.

Clothing/accessories for: Rubens Barn Babies