Joyk dolls set - treasure basket


Method of play/assistance: For toddlers, the first dolls are usually small comrades who repeat or share the everyday experience. They accompany them during meals, learn to potty, get their hair washed, build a cuddly cave and much more. As a result, the children gain access to their own experiences and can better understand and process them. At the same time, they develop an understanding of empathy, first of all the doll and then others.

This basket contains soft body dolls that invite you to cuddle and love. Due to the diversity of nations, every child has a suitable play partner with whom they can identify.

From 6 months.


10 dolls made of fabric, with soft textile body, partly with head of natural rubber (free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, silicones and EVA)

1 green cloth approx. 40 x 40 cm, made of 100 % polyester (up to 30°C washable), all in wicker basket made of plastic Ø approx. 37 cm, dishwasher safe

Smallest doll approx. 14.5 cm, largest doll approx. 24 cm.