Joyk dolls - empathy doll baby Jack


Jack is an adorable newborn which is designed to promote an intensive eye contact. Just as with real newborns, the head must be supported when lifting and carrying them.

The body of the Joyk therapy doll is pleasantly soft and filled with motion beads. Therefore, their body language is very real and care instincts of children and adults are developed. Jack has a belly button and realistic simulated sexual characteristics. The nice outfit is easy to put on and take off.

The doll Jack is supplied with the clothing shown on the picture.

Material: The body of this Joyk empathy doll is made of elastic, easy-care and skin-friendly stretch fabric

Care: Jack is hand washable up to 30°C

Promotes: empathy, sensory perception, social skills

Typ: stuffed doll
Height approx.: 41 cm
Weight approx.: 500 g
Properties: with sexual characteristics