Joyk dolls - empathy doll Antonio


Antonio represents a child aged between 3 and 6 years. Antonio captivates with his green eyes, incredibly soft hair and mischievous smile. So he does not get cold feet, he comes with a pair of shoes. The body language is very natural because this doll can sit, lie with straight legs and even walk (of course with help). Its proportions are adjusted so that it can also wear „proper“ baby clothes.

The doll has realistic sexual characteristics.

With Human Touch. Therapy dolls with Human Touch have a pocket on their body. This pocket can be used for storing sensory stimulating accessories which makes them appear even more human. Furthermore, it helps to strengthen the emotional ties.

Pleasant scents (e.g. herbs, spices or cloths soaked in perfume) can be used for the stimulation of feelings and memories. In addition, there is a special module simulating the heartbeat of the empathy doll. This particular sensory stimulation is not only relaxing and promotes the connection between child and doll, but also supports the ability to mirroring.

The scope of delivery only includes the empathy doll Antonio. The Joyk doll Antonio is supplied with the clothing shown on the picture (design of clothing can change).

Because of his relatively high weight, Antonio is not suitable as a toy for children in kindergarten or toddlers.

Material: The body of the doll is made of elastic, easy-care and skin-friendly stretch material (100% polyester), the clothes of 100 % cotton.

Care: Antonio is washable up to 40°C (in the wool washing or hand washing program, alternatively hand wash), the clothes are machine washable up to 30°C.

Typ: stuffed doll
Height approx.: 65 cm
Weight approx.: 1460 g
Properties: with Human Touch, with sexual characteristics